National Judicial Reference System (NJRS)

Income Tax Department has awarded National Judicial Reference System (NJRS) project to NSDL e-Gov to setup, develop and operate NJRS system along with addition, management and maintenance of content over a period of five years

NJRS is envisaged to provide mechanism to manage Appeals through Appeals Repository and Management System and a ready reference of Judgments. NJRS is envisaged to provide all the information relevant to subject (appeal) under consideration. The system is envisaged to enable users in Income Tax Department (ITD) to analyze appeals with reference to outcome of related appeals and judgments passed in past, related acts, circulars, etc. The system is also envisaged to assist in operational matters such as tracking status of appeals, setting reminders, etc. and assist in speedy appeal disposal, which will help the ITD in increasing their tax revenue.
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