Datacentre Co-location Services

Server Co-location

We offer the latest infrastructure for server co-location requirements. Our server co-location service gives the customers an opportunity to understand the best of both worlds, where systems of choice can be availed and located in a state-of-the-art datacenter facility so that one doesn’t have to spend much efforts and resources on maintaining at their own location.

Rack Space Co-location

For those with the vision of using their assets in a more productive and efficient way by freeing their bound resources, we offer our service of Rack Space Co-location.

Custom Built Infra & Cage

We believe that every client need is very specific and that the customer knows their needs better than us. We, therefore, have an expert team which offers you with the option of subscribing for a Custom Built Infra and cage.

Each of the above services has its unique offerings which can be selected as per the individual requirements of the client organizations. However, as a datacenter facility we boast of certain features that are common across all our facilities

  Low latency
  Strong physical security
  Fulfillment of your compliance requirements and much more
  Redundant power supply
  Strong and redundant network infrastructure
  Low cost